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I made this remix for my good friend Genisis a little while back. It’s a little different then my norm.

Its my birthday today, and I have something really special for all my fans!

I made a resolution to myself for the first time in my life: to finally let go of all the expectations I have to make my music ‘perfect’, to let go of the fear of failure that blocks me from creating, and to learn to ‘let go’ and accept myself, knowing that I make the music I want to make.

I never became a musician to make money or to become popular, I make music because it makes me happy. Somewhere along the way, the whole experience became distorted and difficult. The truth is, I forgot what made the music special and gave it meaning. It was you, my fans. Not the agencies, not the promoters, not the hype, and definitely not all the bullshit politics in the music business.

Its very easy to lose yourself when everything stops making sense. I would rather hold on to my integrity knowing I did what I loved, as opposed to making some mediocre music that happens to cater to what’s popular this week. Im ready to move forward and progress again, and I hope all of you will come with me!

With all that said, I wrote a little intro track called “Symmetry Breaking” that I was planning to hoard for my live sets… instead, I’ve decided to make this my birthday gift to all of you. Thank you so much all for all the support, and for always believing in me, even when I stopped believing in myself. I promise big things are soon to come!